Entry #1

Oh Yes!

2010-11-19 22:20:59 by PuffyAlanoid

Hi! Guys! If you Are in toy adventures! or bear advantures..
We Will Have Beef,Turky And More!
Begins September 25, 2010! 4:00 To 8:00! Or 9:00 i might ask Buck.. Buck is the commander of Toy Advnetures...
Its Toy Adventures ThanksGiving Feast! Or Baffay!

TATGF is for what it stands for.. yeah kinda weird but thats like i would do my way...
i am bringing my children too! Not poofy he is BANNED.. from TA from BA and all of the things he joined Is Also BANNED! i mean i will try that thing..
Just Type PoofysChannel And On the top thats him..

Oh Yes!


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